Emptying the “Cup of Sorrow”

In my benign witching days of Ouija Boards, Psychics, and Tarot Cards, I remember reading a palmistry book and examining the “mounts” of my hand. All seemed pronounced: jupiter, saturn, mercury, neptune, mars, and luna (poor Uranus does not get a mount). The book called the lowland of my palm “the cup of sorrows,” as I was pulled by so many competing forces.

Now, I cannot say for sure that the “cup of sorrow” exists in the palm of my hand. For one, not even a rigorous Google search can find evidence of this being a condition discussed in palmistry. And two, it’s questionable whether one’s life determination can be found in the physical characteristics of their hands. Now what they do with those hands is a whole other story…


However, I do believe in the harm of competing forces and have felt myself sucked low by uncertainty, stress, and guilt. We only have a finite amount of time, attention, and energy, which is the bane of the digital age — endless information, restricted time.

I chose the blog name “big-eyed girls” because it is much more upbeat than “cup of sorrows” and instead of drowning in the flurry of obligations, goals, and information we are taking it all in. These posts are my captures; this site the little nest I am building.


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