Ode to Lazy Days

Today I awoke to complete lethargic contentment. It is rare for me to feel this way, but thanks to a vigorous workout and a few too many vodka tonics yesterday (any drink beyond one is always one too many for me), I was satisfied to curl on the couch with a “bodice-ripper” novel and let the hours slide by. Did my son play on the Xbox a little too long? Probably. Did I forget to steam mop the floor after some overzealous watermelon consumption? Definitely.

I did manage to print out a few Internet worksheets for the kids and felt I met some sort of minimum quota, the same feeling I get when I give them multivitamins with their microwave pancakes in the morning. By midafternoon, I did begin to feel the pull of the unloaded dishwasher, the unanswered emails, the unfinished coursepack, etc. But I soldiered on, maintaining my snail pace strolls from couch to chair to couch to chair. Occasionally, my husband joined me on this journey to nothing, and it became somewhat of a competitive sport, which I am calling “I’m not getting up.”

All and all, it was a restorative experience this mini-mental hibernation. I highly recommend a day of nothing.


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