Day 6 of Meditation

30-day Instructor

So far, for me, meditation has become a way to re-center myself and re-awaken as I move towards my evening work time. The hardest steps I take every day are the steps upstairs to my office after I put my children go to sleep, especially since the time change. I have worked a full day, went to the gym, helped my son do his second grade math and took him to piano lessons, read books to my children, washed a kitchen full of pots and pans, on and on. I let these obligations create a ball of resentment inside me, and I begin to rebel against all the unmet needs that await in my inbox.

Meditation has helped me push through those negative feelings. I identify the stressors and then dissolve them in my mind. When you meditate, you are not allowed to dwell. You identify the thought and then…

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